Panhandlers will take to streets and freeway ramps on Saturday September 10th, all throughout Oregon and Washington. Come by and show your support. Honk, wave, and of course, give your spare change. Click to find a location near you.

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Photos and Press Releases

Here you will find current and past press releases, photos of past years of Panhandling for Polio, and ways to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. Stop by and help spread the word. Tell your friends to donate. C’mon, it’s for charity!

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Instructional Documents

If you are a Rotary Club or partner organization helping us panhandle, you will find the paperwork necessary to have a successful Panhandling for Polio. You will find suggested tactics, do’s and don’ts, sign ideas, and promotional flyers to help spread the message to End Polio Now.

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60 Cents Makes You a Hero. Four More Countries - Let's Make it Zero! Read More